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Mumbai’s streets are generous for those who need a late-night byte-Partying -dancing.Mumbai baikars wanting the luxury of a drive ,on empty roads for a late dinner ,preferably without leaving the car.For insomniacs with an appetite this city has a greater heart indeed.


There is an official closing hour for all the restaurants ,but the shops remain open even after the closing hours.

I don’t remember the names of the hotels,neither the number ,but there are many.


You could see men sitting opposite to the Juhu ‘s famous Amar juice center .They sells Tawa Pulau parcel even long after the juice center got closed late night.It’s pleasing experience to give a try for one.They are usually available till 4 am in the morning .


Juhu is filled with people in late nights .Just see the people who are waiting for the bus .Continue straight past the Grant Road crossing to emerge in Sandhurst road,and enter Bohri Mahalla from the null bazaar municipal market.


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