india tourism-Tourism in India

India Tourism.

India is a paradise for tourists and sightseers.It can provide attraction to people of all tastes and temperament because of the unique and happy blending of modernism with oriental-ism. Tourism industry is the biggest service providing industry of India.Indian tourism industry is expected to cross 400 billion by 2019.Beautiful beaches,extraordinary natural beauty,soaring temples with delicate art works, Historical monuments in stones and marble,enchanting mausoleums like the Taj Mahal, jungles teeming like wildlife,ancient cities with age old splendor,colorful festivals-religious and national, deserts in Rjasthan,spectacular buildings of architectural interest are all over India.


growth of indian tourism
growth of indian tourism


tourism in India
tourism in India

Variety and facility

Beaches of Goa ,back

waters of Kerala,national parks like Jim Corbett,Deserts of Rajasthan,Taj Mahal, the snowy landscapes along the Himalayas to the lush coconut palms growing amid tropical foliage along with Western Coast and the Cape Comorin,India presents a panorama of travel destinations for all types tourist.The land abounds with many masterpieces of nature.On the north of India is the valley of Kashmir with its picturesque gardens and beautiful lakes,luscious peaches and delicious apples,salubrious climate,golf clubs and boat houses.At the south of India lies the Cape Camorin,the meeting place of two sea and one ocean,an ideal place to watch the serene beauty. It may be mentioned that all the tourist centers have well equipped transport and accommodation facilities. for eg:Goa is connected with all major cities with connection flights.

Tourism in India by region and travel access

We are dividing the India Tourism to nine categories based on region for the welfare of foreign tourists traveling to India. Use the information below to categories the region and based on traveler interest.

Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan – The Golden Triangle
Himalayan Tourism-except East India and Kashmir
West India Tourism – Mumbai and Goa
Kashmir Tourism
Punjab Tourism
South India and Lakshadweep Tourism,Kerala Tourism
East India Tourism
Central India Tourism
The Andamans



foreign tourist trend


Above graph provides information on foreign visitors to India



Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan- The Golden Triangle-Tourism in India


tourism in India
tourism in India

Golden triangle Tourism has become one of the top branded tourist circuits in Indian tourism.

Delhi Tourism-Tourism in India

Delhi India tourism Even the stones of Delhi whisper the ages of long ago and the air is full of the dust and fragrance of the past, as also the fresh and piercing winds of the present. Delhi is an epitome of India’s history with its succession of glory and disaster and with its capacity to absorb many cultures and yet remain itself.It is a gem with many facets,some bright and some darkened by age, presenting the course of India’s life and thought during the ages.To visit Delhi is an unforgettable experience as much as to read its history in its monuments like Qutab Minar,Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque,Iron Pillar,Tomb Iltumash,Suraj Kund,Hauz Khas,Kolta Feroz Shah,Lodi Tombs,Purana Quila,Shrine of Nizamuddin,Humayun Tomb,Red Fort,Jama Masjid,Jantar Mantar,etc

Agra Tourism- Taj Mahal- Tourism in India

Taj Mahal india tourism Historically one of the most important cities of India,Agra represent a panorama of the Muslim architecture.Taj Mahal – ‘a dream in marble ,designed by Titans and finished by jeweller’s-is a sort of mysterious fascination and lyrical beauty which is perhaps unequalled by the buildings in the world.Reared with infinite thought and adorned with all the taste and art of age, Fatehpur Sikri -the city of victory is just 40km away from Agra.Both Agra and Fatehpur Sikri abound with a number of architectural remains ,most noticeable of them being the Fort,the Jama Masjid,Tomp of Itemad-ud-Daula,Chini-Ka-Rausa,Rambagh and Akbar’s tomb at Sikandra.Of all manifold monuments of India’s great cultural heritage ,none is so well known throughout the world so universally admired as the Taj Mahal,the magnificent marble tomp which a Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built for his beloved wife,Mumtaz Mahal in the 17th century.Millions visit this to marvel at this structure of unsurpassed beauty, timeless tribute of a man to the woman he loved and lost through death.At the foot of the monument flows the Yamuna on its way to join Ganga at Allahabad.The solid ,virgin white marble of the building is set in an expanse of green lawn ,broken by avenues of cypresses and by other trees and beds of flowering plant.At night by moonlight the scene is one of enhancements with outer walls of the edifice bathed in a soft gentle glitter,combining with the cloudless blue sky and the still,unmoving waters of the river create atmosphere that is pleasing to the spectator.The Taj Mahal ,whether seen by the light of the sun or the moon ,or in the rain is an experience that is indelibly stamped on the memory.

Rajasthan India tourism 

Rajasthan is a splendor land of chivalry and color.Its desert expanses and hilly terrain have conditioned its people to a life of fierce hardships.Stories of Rajput bravery and chilvary are household words in India. Rajasthan is a feast to the eye.Its sand dunes,its caravans of camels,its mountain fortresses,its magnificent palaces and its beautiful lakes are a sight which once seen can never be forgotten. The Rajput dress is just as arrogant as vivacious and gorgeous in colour.Some of the most beautiful jewelry are also made in Rajasthan.The Rajput paintings are among the most beautiful in the world .Their themes are usually love and devotion.A remarkable linear rhythm and a sense of detail characterize these paintings.

A trip to Rajasthan -to the pink city of Jaipur,to picturesque Udaipur and Jodhpur,to the beautiful temples of Mt.Abu and Ajmer-is delightful in winter.Mount Abu is also considered among the top ten Hill stations of India.Among the most important tourist places in Rajasthan are :Astronomical Laboratory,Sisodia Palace,Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort at Jaipur;Khwaja Chisti’s Tomb,Annasagar Lake,Adhai-din-ka-Jhopra and Lake Pushkar at Ajmer;Lake Palace,Jagdish Temple and Museum at Udaipur; Nakki Lake, Toad Rock and Dalwara Jain Temples at Mt.Abu ;Kailana and Balamand Lakes and Fort of Jodhpur. Ranthombhore National Park in Rajasthan is among the top 5 national Parks in India.


Himalayan Tourism-except East India and Kashmir ,Tourism in India.



tourism in India
tourism in India

The Himalayas are the highest and one among the longest mountain chains of whole world . Averaging about 325 km in depth and stretching over 3250 km from Karakoram in the West to Assam and Burma in the East. Along this phenomenal billow of the earth lie some of the oldest known shrines and trade routes of the recorded history. The Himalayan foothills in Utter Pradesh and Uttarankhand contains some of the best tiger reserves in India. Deer ,Nilgai(Indian Blue Bull),partridges are plenty available in the region.Nature provides many attractions to lure people to the Himalayas.The invigorating climate,the ectar like mineral waters and the hot springs,the lovely scented foliage and herbs of life-giving nature,the fertile lands and pastures,all provided a happy home to the people of these mountain regions. This atmosphere enthuses the mind.Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir considered to be the top summer destinations of India because of the scenic beauty of Himalayas. Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is considered to the first and top National park is located here. Uttarakhand is the top most adventure cites in India and among the top 5 Summer destinations in India. Nainital is a name that stands high in the rating of Indian holiday resorts.It stands on a lake in the sub-Himalayalan region in Uttarakhand. Shimla-Built on the side of a hill ,Simla is one of the pleasantest and the most popular stations in the ranges that run from the Gangetic plain to the high Himalayas.A few hours journey by train or car from Delhi ,it attracts large number of visitors who seek escape from the summer heat. In winter ,too,it draws a number of people who like cold whether sports and the snowy scenery of the surrounding mountains.
Tourism in Kashmir-Tourism in India

The most favorite haunt of holiday makers is the 5200 sq. km Valley of Kashmir,land of mountains,streams,flowers and fruits. Spring brings into this valley a gorgeous display color unmatched anywhere in India.From March to October the Kashmir Valley unrolls a flower spangles carpet of emerald green.Srinagar ,its capital,situated 1585 meters above sea-level,is a tourist paradise. The Dal Lake with its exotic house boats and gliding Shikaras and the famous Mughal Gardens like the Chashma-Shahi ,the Nishat, the Shalimar and the Nasim make Srinagar a self-contained resort of rare beauty.With Srinagar as the base , tourists can visit Pahalgam,an excellent hill resort situated at an altitude of 2195 meters.Close by is the Liddar River,famous for its trout fishing.Golf enthusiasts will find Gulmarg,about 45 km from Srinagar,an ideal place for this sport.Gulmarg is famous also for its winter sports like skiing and tobogganing.Ladakh in Kashmir is considered in the top 10 adventure and summer destinations of India.Leh in Kashmir is rated in the top 5 hill stations of India.
Punjab Tourism -Tourism in India

Punjab has a number of important cities on India tourist map.Amristsar is one of such historic cities. Besides the Golden Temple,The Jallianwala Bagh,Baba Atal’s Tower,Rambagh Garden and Gobindgarh Fort are among the most important places of tourist interests .Chandigarh is the only town in India which has been completely planned from the twists and turns in grid iron system of roads to the types of trees and shrubs that will beautify its boulevards and promenades .The capital comprising the Secretariot,the High Court,the Legislature and the Governor’s residence constitutes the head.The green belts and open spaces serve as lungs,the network of roads and footpaths as arteries ,the city centers as the heart and the industrial area as the feet.It is a city of sun ,space and silence. The garden of Pinjore is one of the lovelies and oldest.About 21kms away from Chandigarh,its lay-out is unique . Situated on a mildly cultivated hill side,it is encircled by an embattled wall with its history going back ti the legends and myths. Among Punjabs lovely hill stations,Dalhousei-Gateway of Chamba finds a place of honor for its scenic beauty and grandeur of mountain peaks. It is noteworthy for its quite charm and sequestered beauty.
South India Tourism with Lakshadweep

Kerala is a pet child of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea.Unique natural beauty,limitless resources a climate that is ever too hot or too cold -These are the natural gifts to Kerala. Backwaters of Kerala ,Vembanad lake famous for boat trips and backwater tourism. Kovalam beach of Kerala is among the top beaches of India.The guardian of Kerala,the Western Ghats, strengthens its ties with the rest of India:The Arabian Sea lends it a privileged position of standing face to face with the wide world .Human development index of Kerala is more than .82 as per the latest reports ,which shows the development of this place , much higher than most developed countries.Thiruvananthapuram is built on hills with some historic buildings like Padmanabhaswami temple , recently occupied the news channels due to the treasure findings in the temple.With 368 carved granite,the Kaudiyar Palace ,Kovalam,Kumarakom,Kollam,Munnar,Thekady ,Alleppey ,Kottayam,Cochin ,Kozhikode , Trissur,the Legislative assembly,and Cape Comorin are among the top noted visiting places.Kerala presents its sovereigns in plenty,delicately carved wood and irony figures ,artistic pieces from coconut shell and horn ,bronze lamps,the famous mirrors made of Bell metal.Kerala is an experience ,a green thought acquired in a green shade,forever green. In South India ,the Hindu way of life has flourished almost undistributed by extraneous influences for over 2,000 years, thus preserving a continuous tradition of dance ,music,art and architecture in their pristine purity.The most important aspect of South India’s ancient culture , ancient Christian churches and temples.

Lakshadweep is a group of islands , 200 to 440 km off the coast of the South West Indian state of Kerala. Lakshadweep ranks among top 5 beach tourist places of India.

Wealth of beauty and history awaits the visitors in Channai.Mahabalipuram is known for its monolithic shrines and beautiful Shore temples .Tiruchi,Tanjore and Madurai are famous for temples.The Rock temples of Mahabalipuram,also known as seven Pagodas,are only 84 km from Chennai.The temples built by the Pallava kings during the 7th century AD still bear eloquent testimony for the artistic civilisation of south.South India has more to offer than temples .Nature is luxuriant and beautiful. A holiday in Ootacamund in the Nilgiris and Kodaikanal on the Palni hills is an exhilarating experience. The Nilgiris have few rivals in beauty and contains excellent summer resorts .This chain of mountains lies between Mysore in the North and Coimbatoor district in the South.The highest point on these ranges in the Doddabetta,2670 meters above sea level. Ooty is one of the most prettiest hill stations of the South.It has bracing climate with the appearance of an extended park on a plateau over 2256 metres above the sea level.It is an ideal place for hiking,motoring ,shooting and has one of the finest golf courses in India. The terrace Botanical gardens have rare trees and flowering plants.The tiny lake in Ooty offers excellent oppurtunities for boating and fishing.26 Km from Ooty is the Pykara Hydro-electric Works in a magnificent natural setting.Ooty is also known for its coffee and tea plantations. Coonoor lies on the mountain rail route to Ooty.It has some of the loveliest spots in and around the town.Situated at an altitude of 3543 metres,Kodaikanal is a lovely hill station of the South.It lies amidst the sylvan randeur of the Palni hills in Madurai.There are number of waterfalls and vantage points which add to its scenic charm.Besides Perumal Peak and Kodaikanal Observatory,Kodai’s major attraction is the lake skirted by a 5 km road.A walk along the road is an exhilarating experience.Boating in its lake is an exhilarating experience.Only 29 km from Ooty and 21 km from Coonoor is Kotagoro described as a pearl in the ear of the Nilgiris.It is an ideal summer resort with lovely green fields and a golf-course. Mysore offers a pleasant exciting holiday-the grandeur of waterfalls ,fragrant forests of sandalwood alive with tigers and panthers,and the beckoning of caparisoned elephants against a backdrop of ancient palaces and temples. Bangalore -the Garden City- is a planned modern city on the map of industrial India by enchanting Botanical Garden of Lal Bagh,Nandidurg,Lake of Nectar,Kolar Gold mines,Jog Falls and the hurtling cascades of water against the luxuriant tropical landscape of Western Ghats. Temples of Belur and Halebid built by Hoysala kings are remarkable for their architecture. Mysore’s well known beauty spot Chamundi hill with its temple,is famed for its enormous monolithic reclining bull. Srirangapatna is redolent of past glories and a veritable museum of history.The temple of Somnathpur is considered to be the complete specimen of the famous Hoysala School of architecture of the South.Mysore offers a rich and exhilarating specimen of the tourist India with its majestic Brindaban gardens,Bandhipur wildlife sanctuaries and the beautiful town of Mercara in Coorg. A visit to Hampi is a journey to the past.Sprawling across an awesome,boulder strewn landscape 12 km from Hospel in Bellary District,Hampi was the awe-inspiring capital of the mighty Vijayanagar Empire,which ruled the region in the 14th century. Hampi is all about palaces,temples,pavilions and massive fortifications.

Nagarhole national park and Periyar National Park in the South keeps its position in the top ten National Parks of India. Pattadakal ,Chola Temples ,Fort Cochin are among the other top heritage sites of the south.
The Glorious Central India-Central India Tourism

india toruism
india tourism

Central India claims a rich and varied heritage of a glorious past.Here are the temples of Khajuraho,reputed for the Hindu art works. The temples have surface decorations that are marvellous.In the artistic arabesques of the lovely sculptures on the outer are the celestial beauties and amorous couples .Among other cities in Central India rich for their crafts and architecture are Gwalior ,Indore, Ujjain,Mandu,Bhilsa,Shivpuri and Sanchi.Central India abounds in a number of hill resorts also.Pachmarhi is one which clings to memory and one feels,having visited it,a nostalgic yearning to visit it again.Panchmarhi is neither a lush land like Nainital,nor a romantic ridge like Mussoorie,nor traced beauty like Darjeeling.It is a hill fringed plateau of glans and glades,of lavish woodland and verdant hill sides,of gorgeous ravines,sparkling cascades and perennial streams.Travelling through Orissa , one is wonder-struck by its massive temples.It is not only from the architects point of view that the temples are are wonderful ,but the stone carvings are works of art without parallel.The Jagannath temple at Puri,Rana temple at Bhuvaneshwar and Sun temple at Konark are built by stones.Modelled figures of the nymphs in their alluring poses,the bands of musicians,the endwining creepers, trees,birds,animals,flowers and petals,each is carved with such care that one is simply left marvelling at the minds which conceived so much of beauty.This makes Bhubaneswar ,Puri and Konark highlighted.Bandhavgarh National park in Madhya Pradesh is among the top 3 national parks in India.
Tourism in East India

Eastern India is remarkable for its contrasts:rice fields ,snow covered mountains,the characteristic rounded huts and coal mines and steel mills. Culcutta is the hub is east India,the largest city and a great center of commerce and industry.Shantinikethan is a pilgrimage of the educationalists. Darjeeling presents the panorama of the majestic Himalayan peaks of Mt.Everest and Kanchanjunga .Shillong is on an elevation and the surrounding hill tribes with their colorful costumes and festivals add charm to its enchanting tropical scenery. Bodh Gaya abounds in India’s greatest Buddhist monuments-a living reminder of the great penance which the Buddha did to attain enlightenment. And not far from Bodh Gaya is Nalanda with its unearthed ruins of the famous 5th Century Buddhist University. Darjeeling is a world famous as a holiday resort.Set in the Himalayas in the West Bengal,against a skyline of perpetually snow clad mountains,with the majestic peak of Everest in the far beyond ,and its park and alpine trees and shrubs and picturesque cottage and people,this town has an unforgettable appeal for those who have visited this place.Darjeeling is considered as a top hill station and among the top summer destinations of India.Darjeeling Himalayan Railways is considered as on of the top heritage sites in India.Kaziranga National Park and Sunderbans National Parks in West Bengal are among the top national parks in India. Sikkim, Nagaland and Dooars are among the top summer destinations in India.Gantok in Sikkim is among the top 5 hill stations of India. Kohima is also considered as a top hill station of India.
West India tourism-Tourism in India

Mumbai is the gateway of India.The big bustling city is the first introduction to India for tourists arriving by sea from the west.Cosmopolitan modern Mumbai is the commercial and industrial center of India and second in population and size after Culcutta.The blue-outlines of the Western Ghats in the distance,the calm sea dotted with picturesque white sailed fishing craft and the charming palm fringed beaches welcome the visitors.Among the most beautiful spots inside Mumbai are the Gateway of India,Taj Hotel,Marine Drive,Victoria Terminus Station,The Prince of Wales Museum,Apollo Bunder,Hanging Gardens and Elephanta Caves. Mumbai is indeed a picturesque city of India tucked between the blue Arabian sea and the rising ranges if the somber Western Ghats. In close proximity to Mumbai is Aurangabad famous for Ajanta and Ellora caves -two famous rock cut temples.The most remarkable monuments of their kind in the world,there monasteries and shrines have been hewn out of living rock by generation of sculptors, a few of them old as 2000 years.The “Cave Temples” of Ajanta lie in a narrow gauge and contain a breath-taking picture gallery of frescoes. The Ellora Caves,which are Hindu,Buddhist and Jain in origin ,also contain a unique collection of sculptures.

If you plan to visit Goa nearest international access is Mumbai. From Mumbai you can reach Goa by rail ,connection flights,bus or by train.

Of all the places in Western India,Poona is by far the most interesting.To the lover of nature it offers some of the most picturesque scenery.To the sportsmen ,it affords ample opportunity -fishing and rowing in the river and popular horse racing. For those fond of historical lore,it has much interest to present in its old forts and the legendary tales of Maratha heroism. The Karla Caves are situated about 130km from Bombay-Poona road.To a lover of art and archeology ,a visit to the caves is a rewarding experience .The breath-taking splendor of a by gone age,when Buddhism flourished in India, is unfolded in its beautiful sculptures and carvings.Matheran is considered one among the top hill stations of India.
The Andamans-Tourism in India

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands top the beach destinations of India just afer Goa.Port Plair is the capital and can be reaching the place by traveling from Chennai.Andaman Tourism arranges sea cruise from Chennai to Port Blair.

Festivals in India-Tourism in India

India is land full of colorful festivals .Each region or state has its own local celebrities ,but the Dussehra and the Diwali are celebrated all over the country .In places like Mysore Dussehra is celebrated in great style.Entire city of Mysore is decorated and atmosphere filled with dance and celebrations.

Shopping and Handicrafts-Tourism in India

India is also a paradise for the souvenir hunter.Inexpensive objects of utility and art present a bewildering variety of skills ,color and expression.And what a wealth of object India has to offer in her continuing tradition of fine workmanship Kashmiri shawls,Varanasi brocades, intricate jewelry etc .Much of the skills and sense of color displayed in the production of India’s myriad handicrafts stem from inherited traditions that are nearly as old as Indian history.


Beaches of India -Beach Tourism in India

Indian coastlines add up to 7,500 -odd kilometers in length.Indian beaches make on the top tourist attractions in India for the foreign tourists.Indian beaches provide more than a strip of land beside a sea where surfing and merry making is done. History and culture blend along with fun and adventure ,that make beaches of India unique.You can watch forts and ports along with the sea side. Beaches of Goa ,Andamans,Kerala and Lakshyadweep tops the list.

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