QMAS -Hongkong Visa

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) is indeed designed to attract highly skilled or talented people to settle in Hong Kong in order to enhance Hong Kong’s economic competitiveness in the global market. Successful applicants under this scheme are not required to have secured a job offer in Hong Kong before moving there, which distinguishes it from other types of work visas. Here are some key points about the scheme and the process:
1. **Point-based Tests**: Applicants must meet basic prerequisites and then pass either the General Points Test or the Achievement-based Points Test. The General Points Test evaluates factors such as age, professional experience, academic qualifications, and language skills, while the Achievement-based Points Test is for individuals with exceptional talents or achievements.
2. **Quota System**:
The scheme operates under a quota system, which limits the number of successful applicants each year, making the competition for these spots quite intense.
3. **Family Members**:
Successful applicants can bring their spouses and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong by applying for Dependent Visas for them. These family members can live, study, and work in Hong Kong as dependents.
4. **Settlement**:
One of the attractive features of the QMAS is the pathway it provides to permanent residency. After fulfilling the required time of continuous ordinary residence in Hong Kong, QMAS entrants may apply for permanent residency.
To apply for the QMAS, candidates must first satisfy the basic prerequisites, which typically include age, financial requirement, good character, language proficiency, and basic educational qualification. After that, they need to score sufficiently high on one of the points-based tests and then compete within the annual quota for selection.
It’s essential for prospective applicants to stay updated on the specific requirements and procedures as they can change. They should also prepare their application meticulously to enhance their chances of success under this competitive scheme


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