The Entrepreneur Visa

The  Investment as Entrepreneur Visa, offered by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, is designed for entrepreneurs keen on starting or joining a business within Hong Kong.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Entrepreneurial Experience: Applicants should possess a robust background in entrepreneurship, including experience in launching or managing businesses.
  • Business Proposal: A comprehensive business plan must be submitted, showcasing the feasibility and potential economic contributions of the proposed venture in Hong Kong.
  • Financial Resources: Applicants need to demonstrate adequate financial resources to sustain themselves and their business ventures in Hong Kong. The required financial threshold may vary, but proof of financial stability is essential.
  • Economic Contribution: The proposed business should make a positive impact on Hong Kong’s economy, such as through job creation, introduction of innovative services or products, or fostering industry growth.
  • Business Relevance: The proposed venture should align with Hong Kong’s strategic economic priorities and development objectives. Priority may be given to certain sectors.

Application Procedure:

  1. Document Preparation: Collect all necessary documents, including the business plan, financial proofs, academic credentials, and any other pertinent information.
  2. Submission of Application: Apply to the Hong Kong Immigration Department directly or via a local sponsor, like a business partner or legal advisor.
  3. Review Process: The Immigration Department will evaluate your application to determine eligibility for the Entrepreneur Visa.
  4. Visa Grant: Successful applicants will be granted the Entrepreneur Visa, permitting them to initiate or participate in a business in Hong Kong.

Renewal and Extension:

The Entrepreneur Visa typically grants an initial stay period, after which you may seek renewal or extension. This is dependent on the ongoing success and operational continuity of your business, alongside adherence to immigration rules.

Additional Notes:

  • Professional Advice: Due to the intricate nature of the application process for the Entrepreneur Visa, consulting with a professional immigration consultant or legal advisor specializing in Hong Kong immigration law is recommended.
  • Keeping Updated: It’s crucial to stay informed on the latest visa regulations and guidelines from the Hong Kong Immigration Department, as policies may evolve over time.