Express Entry

How Express Entry Works

  • 1. **Determine Eligibility**: First, determine if you are eligible under one of the three federal programs.
  • 2. **Create an Express Entry Profile**: Eligible candidates submit an online profile. This profile includes information about their age, education, language ability in English and/or French, work experience, and other details.
  • 3. **Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)**: Candidates in the Express Entry pool are given a score based on the information in their profile, according to the Comprehensive Ranking System. This system awards points for factors including skills, work experience, language ability, education, and other factors.4. **Invitations to Apply (ITA)**: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regularly conducts draws from the pool and issues Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence to the highest-ranking candidates. If you receive an ITA, you will have 60 days to submit a complete application for permanent residence.5. **Application Processing**: After submitting your application, IRCC will process it, which includes security and medical checks. If approved, you become a Canadian permanent resident.Key Points:- **Language Tests**: Applicants must take approved language tests in English or French and achieve the minimum required scores.
    – **Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)**: If you completed your education outside Canada, you might need to get an ECA report from an approved agency to prove that your foreign education is equivalent to Canadian standards.
    – **Job Offers**: While a job offer is not mandatory for all Express Entry programs, having a valid job offer can significantly increase your CRS score.
    – **Processing Time**: The processing time for most Express Entry applications is six months or less after receiving a complete application.
    – **Provincial Nominations**: Candidates in the Express Entry pool may also be selected by Canadian provinces or territories through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which can significantly increase their CRS score.

    Express Entry is competitive, and the CRS scores of invited candidates can fluctuate in each draw, reflecting changes in the pool’s composition. It’s advisable to improve your profile and CRS score wherever possible, for example, by gaining additional work experience, improving language scores, or obtaining higher education.