Well, We’re back home and getting our clocks back adjusted to this side of the world. Just need to thank you! travel was a great experience and I know it would not have been this without you. -GP
I would highly recommend indian.travel, everything on our month long trip to india went without any issues. Transfers, tickets and tours were all in place and on time. Becky
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India is a vast and diverse country covering over 28 States from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south stretching over 3,600 Kilometers. India has over 100 variety of languages distinguished by pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. India has one of the oldest civilization dating back more than 6,000 years .

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India land that conjures images that stretch beyond the realms of fantasy. India is a living land to be explored, felt and cherished. Explore tha land,feel the magical beaches with indian.travel, backed by a team of passionate people who loves to share the history & culture of their Country.

Plan to visit India's neibouring countries as well. India is bordering with China, Nepal & Bhutan on the North eastern side, Pakistan on the North-western side and Bangladesh and Burma on the eastern side. Sri Lanka is in vicinity at southern and Andaman & Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia.

India travel -Places

Some of the most important hill stations of the world are owned by India. Valleys of Kashmir which is known as the paradise on earth is the most important among them. Kashmir ranges from 500ft to 6000ft above sea level. Entire valley stretches about 130km in length and 40 km in breadth.

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India Travel beaches

Indian beaches provide one of the finest Tourist attractions. Each beach provides a unique and equally enticing feature of its own. India has a 7500-odd km long seashore. Kovalam in the southern most state of Kerala and beaches spreading across the state of Goa are well known for beach tourists.

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India Travel wildlife

Indian bio diversity is most significant in the world ranging from 45,000 species of plant kingdom and 77,000 species of animal kingdom . India is considered as one among the 12 mega diversity areas of the world. Best known for Indian mammals are the Indian tiger and the Indian elephant. The Indian bison a species of the wild buffalo,the Ganges Dolphin,one-horned Rhinoceros,over 1200 species of birds, 450 species of reptiles give Indian wildlife its own uniqueness.

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India Travel monuments

Monuments belonging to all periods of history (even prehistoric period) can be seen in India.Major tourist attraction can be seen in Agra ,because of Taj Mahal ,one amoung the seven wonders of the world.

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India Travel -Cultural

Indian subcontinent is known for its rich cultural legacy and its profound philosophical thoughts. The pre-Aryan and Aryan trends have contributed to the evolution of a rich cultural heritage in India. Dance forms of India represents devotion.

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India Travel Ayurvedic

Indian Ayurveda is the science of life. Indian Ayurveda aims at treating healthy as well as unhealthy persons. Ayurveda is a systematic line of treatment.

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