The Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP) i


The Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP) is a strategic initiative by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to attract highly skilled or talented individuals from Mainland China. This scheme enhances Hong Kong’s competitive edge as a global business hub by diversifying and enriching its talent pool. Here’s a closer look at how ASMTP functions and its impact:


  • Economic Contribution: By welcoming skilled professionals and talents, ASMTP aims to drive Hong Kong’s economic development and maintain its competitiveness on the international stage.
  • Talent Enrichment: It addresses local talent shortages in specific industries by tapping into the vast pool of professionals in Mainland China.
  • Global Integration: The scheme facilitates cultural and professional exchange, further integrating Hong Kong into the global economic landscape.

Key Features

  • Broad Eligibility: ASMTP is open to a wide range of professions, including those in technology, finance, engineering, and more, provided the applicants meet the scheme’s criteria.
  • Sponsorship Not Required: Unlike some other visa categories, applicants do not need a local sponsor in Hong Kong to apply, making the process more straightforward for qualified individuals.
  • Family Inclusion: Successful applicants can bring their immediate family members to Hong Kong, offering a conducive environment for professional and personal growth.

Impact on Hong Kong

  • Economic Growth: By attracting mainland talents, Hong Kong ensures a continuous influx of fresh ideas and innovation, which are vital for economic expansion and sustainability.
  • Cultural Diversity: The integration of mainland professionals adds to the multicultural tapestry of Hong Kong, promoting cultural exchange and understanding.
  • Professional Development: The local workforce benefits from the exchange of knowledge and expertise with their mainland counterparts, fostering professional development and skill enhancement.

In summary, the ASMTP is more than just a visa scheme; it’s a strategic approach to talent management, ensuring Hong Kong remains a dynamic and competitive global city. By drawing from a broader talent pool, Hong Kong is better positioned to face future challenges and seize new opportunities in the ever-evolving global economy.