Goa India Travel,Benaulim Beach

I would like to bring your attention to my recent travel to Goa,India.  In Goa life is a beach .My stay was at Madgaon ,one amoung the main cities of Goa.As my mother works in Central Government ,India,I managed to get a government quaters for 50rs per day,as cheap a coffee in a good hotel.It was March mid 2012.Days were more hot than usual during the previos years.One of my friend informed me that tourists started back to their homes this year as the whether started to turn bitter so early.


I decided to invest the money more for travelling as the expece of stay was totally free. First day took an auto and reached Benaulin Beach,Goa,India.We waited till the sunset in the beach.We found a beach restaurant in the Benaulin Beach.It was run by a women named Bettilda .She offered us Tiger Prawns for just 200 rs per plate.It was soo delicios can’t forget that food.I managed to take a snap of that in my canon powershot.


Goa India
Tiger Prawns from Goa,India Benaulim beach




The rice two plate cost me around 40 rs .Along with Tiger prawns the dinner was amazing.


Fish Foods are always cheap in Goa,India.


As there are a huge Christian Population beef occupies one of the top consumed food items little different from other Indian states.


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